Beginner’s group guitar lessons in Bradford are due to start on Monday the 26th of February 2018 at The Park Lane Center at 6pm. £15 per person plus one professional multi part recording to practice with at home.

Guitar lessons Bradford
Beginner’s guitar taster lesson due to take place on Monday the 26th of February 2018 at 6pm.
Guitar lessons Bradford – Updated 29/01/18: 


A CJW Guitar lessons in Bradford taster day is starting on Monday the 26th of February 2018 at The Park Lane Center, BD5 0LN at 6pm. 

The beginners course is £15 per student for this taster day. A professional recording will be sent through email every few weeks during the course so you can practice at home.

All hand outs are provided free of charge. Pre-booking a place on this course is essential as places are limited.

Please ring me for more details and do leave a message on my answer phone with your number for a call back if I don’t answer.

This will be my twenty eighth term at the center tutoring students under my own business ‘CJW Guitar Lessons Bradford’. To read about my teaching and band experience please click on the ‘tutor profile’ tab on this website.


Maximum of five students in each class


Class sizes are limited to five students in each hour. Small class sizes are used so that I have enough time to get around the room and personally help everyone. I believe these are the best value for money guitar lessons in Bradford.

I interview all students that apply for my courses over the phone to ensure that they are at the correct level for the course they want to enroll on so that they don’t hold back other members of the class from progressing.

With a one to one or group lesson you are not just paying for the one hour lesson which you have with me. A well planned lesson takes one to two hours to plan the material and one hour to deliver that lesson. This is something to bear in mind when comparing private lesson prices. You may be able to find ‘cheap’ lessons but will those lessons be good enough for you to learn the skills you need to be able to play correctly?

You can find student reviews of my teaching on facebook here

You can find more student reviews on my google + page here


Guitar lessons Bradford, currently taking place in 2018


Beginners guitar lessons in Bradford are currently ongoing on Mondays from 5pm at the Park Lane Center. The current batch of learners have been playing for 18 weeks with me in this class. I may be able to include you on this course if you let me know what level you are working at. Feel free to call my number for a chat about this course. The price is £15 for a trial lesson to see if its for you. If I’m not in leave a message on my answer phone and I will get back to you.


Intermediates guitar lessons Bradford – continue at The Park Lane Center on Thursdays from 5.30-6.30pm throughout 2017, there is space for more learners, do enquire if interested. A trial lesson is £15 for the hour paid in advance if you want to see if it is for you.

Higher level Intermediate “Play with a Pro drummer and bass player” sessions – at Prospect Studios are due to start later in the year. Do enquire if interested in practicing in a full band situation.

The cost of this new live band session is £23 person. Like my group and private lessons, students on this course get to choose their favourite songs in lesson time so it should be a lot of fun! I am only using the best session drummers for this lesson to keep you on beat and rocking! 


Are you an intermediate?


I class an intermediate as someone who has been playing solidly for around one year and wants to improve using more advanced playing techniques. 

If your unsure which level your playing at please give me a ring or leave a message on my answer phone number above and I will ring you back.


Extra learning materials provided


The price includes professionally recorded backing tracks emailed to you after every fifth lesson.

Songs are refreshed every term so that you can enroll on more than one course and still have something new to play.

All course hand outs are provided free of charge.

Qualified Teacher / DBS Checked 

I have a current up to date DBS certificate linked to my guitar teaching business. You can ask to check my current status anytime by using the DBS update service once enrolled on my course.

Go here to use my details once enrolled.

I encourage all my students and employers to use this service.

All professional qualified teachers should have an up to date DBS check to be able to work in Colleges and schools and teach in your home!
Would you want someone with a criminal record teaching you or your children?


Is your current guitar tutor qualified to teach?

Ask to see proof of their teaching qualification, I have taught guitar for thirteen years in Primary, Secondary Schools and Bradford College.



Please email:, or call 01422 846 408 for an informal chat about how I can help you learn the guitar.

To view feedback from past students of mine. Click on the ‘course feedback’ tab on this website for details.

All age learners are welcome in the beginners class.

Electric guitarists will need your own small amp for use in the teaching room.

Look no further for guitar Lessons in Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and all surrounding areas.

Guitar Lessons in Bradford Guitar lessons in bradford guitar lessons in bradford


Thank you again to all my students for your support!

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