Sourcing a good guitar to learn with (not as easy as it seems!) I can help!

Hi Guys

What I have noticed this year is that a lot of my new learners are buying inappropriate guitars which are not helping them get around the obstacle of learning guitar easier.

What I am seeing more and more of is unscrupulous guitar store owners selling poor instruments to new beginner’s as they are not sure what makes a quality guitar when they are new to the instrument. One of my students relatives paid £90 for what is essentially a £20 instrument, no wonder that shop has gone online and lost their high street presence!

To counteract this problem I am offering a guitar buying service for you that takes into account your age, height and experience on the instrument.

There is nothing worse than learning on a sub standard instrument as learning guitar is not an easy activity to start with and you must put in many hours of practice in on the instrument per week to see any improvement.

This is made even harder for you with a toy guitar (from Argos) or simply a guitar that is not up to the job (strings miles off the fretboard cutting your fingers to shreds and poor quality materials used in the guitar construction such as plastic fretboards).

It is much more preferable for me to teach people with decent quality instruments so I am offering this service as part of your beginner lesson package for a small extra charge.

Please ring me on 01422 846 408 to discuss your requirements.


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