Course feedback from students of CJW Guitar Lessons

Course feedback from students who have enrolled on my courses


Verbal feedback from current intermediate learner, February 2017

“I’m really enjoying the course as we are attempting well known songs in lesson time. I’m not sure I’d enjoy a classical guitar teacher the same as I wouldn’t know the songs we would be attempting. It is also really helping me having joined more able players in the intermediate group as I was practicing a lot more than my class mate in my beginner group. I can now play power chords and barre chords even though I’ve only been playing for six months”.


Latest survey results Dec 2013 Beginners class

100% of respondents “Very good” rating on course

(options were excellent, very good, good, fair, poor)

100% of respondents “Very worthwhile course material”

(options were extremely worthwhile, very worthwhile, moderately worthwhile, slightly worthwhile, not at all worthwhile)

Beginner/ Intermediate course feedback survey via Survey Monkey Dec 2012


” The course was very worthwhile and the facillities at the Park Lane Centre are very good.”

” The digital music you give us helps me a lot at home practicing and making sure I am playing properly. I also like the friendliness of the class”.

” I really like classes at the centre and the car park is very secure and the inside of the building is clean and welcoming”.




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