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guitar lessons in hebden bridge
A Beginner’s group guitar taster lesson is scheduled for Thursday the 8th of March 2018 at 7pm. The session will take place at Hebden Bridge Town Hall if required numbers are met.


Guitar Lessons Hebden Bridge: Updated 05/02/18 


A CJW Guitar Lessons taster day is due to take place on Thursday the 8th of March 2018 at 7pm at Hebden Bridge Town Hall (if required numbers are met). The cost of this session is £10 per person (includes music sheets and one professional recording sent through email) for one hours tuition with a maximum number of five people in the group. 

I have developed my own curriculum of popular songs over the last thirteen years teaching guitar and we can study a mix of classical theory or simpler tabs depending on how deep you want your knowledge of the instrument to be.

I tailor each course to your own musical taste as much as possible after the basics of playing are covered.

Feel free to ring me for a chat about your requirements.

After the taster session takes place


After the first taster lesson has taken place the course aims to continue for nine weeks at a price of £115 per person. The amount of weeks you pay for in advance can be negotiated with all members of the guitar group and payment will then be taken in advance to book out my diary. My group guitar lessons in Hebden Bridge are very affordable compared to private lessons which cost £20-30 per hour. Group lessons are cheaper and a more sociable way to learn the instrument.


***Current guitar lessons in Hebden Bridge you can still join in with***:


Beginner’s that have been playing for 30 weeks meeting every Wednesday at 6pm (only one place left)

An Intermediates class meets every Tuesday night at 6pm (players with two to three years playing experience or equivalent) (Only one place left on this course)

Please let me know if you would like to trial a lesson on either course for £10 paid in advance. Feel free to call my number and leave a message if you have any questions about any of my courses.

Do check out my student’s reviews on the links below:

You can find student reviews of my teaching on facebook here

You can find more student reviews on my google + page here


guitar lessons hebden bridge
Guitar lessons Hebden Bridge. The room we will be using for the session at the Town Hall.


The aim of my courses is for you to have fun learning guitar in a friendly, structured, supportive environment. You will learn techniques which are relevant to your skill level. I always give my students challenging material to test their abilities. Students that show enthusiasm and practice the material given always improve quicker.

Extra learning materials provided

Professionally recorded backing tracks emailed after every fifth lesson so that you can practice the songs we are covering at home.  

Songs are refreshed every term so that you can come on more than one course and still have something new and challenging to play.

All course hand outs are provided free of charge.

Qualified Teacher / DBS Certified 

I have a current up to date DBS certificate linked to my guitar teaching business, you can ask to check my current status anytime by using the DBS update service. Once enrolled on my course I will send you an online link to access this service.

Is your current guitar tutor qualified to teach and do they have a DBS check?



Please email: or call 01422 846 408 for more info and payment details.


Both electric and acoustic guitar players are allowed to enroll on my courses, electric guitarists will need your own small amp.

Guitar lessons Hebden Bridge is here to help you achieve your playing goals whatever age you are.

I am also available to teach private lessons and small groups in your own home. This can work well if you are all beginners or intermediates and want to work at the same pace.

To read about my music and teaching experience click on ‘tutor profile’ on this website.

Ring 01422 846 408 or email to reserve your place.

Many thanks for your continued support in bringing these new guitar lessons to Hebden Bridge.