Private guitar lessons in West Yorkshire

Guitar lessons West Yorkshire
Guitar lessons West Yorkshire


Private guitar lessons West Yorkshire

I offer guitar and bass lessons in Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Bradford, Leeds and all surrounding areas.  Ask me if I cover your area as it is likely that I do. I can travel within a 30 mile radius of Hebden Bridge town center to your home for a small added petrol charge.

I would recommend private guitar lessons if you want to improve your playing skills at a faster rate. The full time you book will be focused on your personal development plan and we can learn songs, music theory or riffs you have always wanted to play.

With private guitar lessons I can give you more personal feedback on how you can improve your posture, hand positions and how to play difficult riffs step by step and more detailed help on playing strumming patterns.

I take pride in not holding back key information from fast improving students and I can usually help a hard-working student develop their playing to a very good standard within twelve months of having one to one lessons.

I will suggest ways in which I think you can improve which are personal to you. I will make sure you learn what is needed to become a great guitar player step by step so you have a great foundation to work on for your future ambitions with the instrument.

I have very limited spaces available on evenings should you want to book a private lesson. There are more spaces throughout the week if you want a daytime lesson from 1pm.

You can also learn with a group of friends to make it cheaper for yourself. Just let me know this is what you intend to do when you contact me at first.

(Before emailing me and booking your first private lesson please read my terms and conditions of service at the bottom of this page).

All bookings shall fall under these terms to make sure I only book out time/days to committed students. 

What do you gain from having lessons with me?

An experienced guitar tutor with fourteen years teaching experience at Ofsted inspected Colleges. I taught group classes of up to ten guitar players at a time for Bradford College and have become accustomed to using and refining various methods to teach everyone as a class. Not all guitar tutors have this experience and this is why they can’t offer ‘guitar classes’. I have a teaching qualification (Post Graduate Diploma in Education Training, awarded 2010) and 20 years guitar playing experience which means I have encountered most of the problems you will face whilst learning.  I will analyse your playing style and iron out any bad habits you may have developed to make your guitar playing easier and more enjoyable.

Learning materials included free of charge.

Specially created learning materials are provided free of charge such as professionally recorded backing tracks (chords, chords + lead guitar sent as seperate mp3’s to your email address) so that you can practice at home in between lessons and improve quicker. Photocopies are also given to you regularly in lesson time.

All lessons are supported by The Musicians Union contract pro forma and backed up with their public liability insurance.

You will always learn guitar and bass quicker and more thoroughly from an experienced qualified teacher than you would from someone who is offering lessons as a side line to their normal employment. This is what I do all day every day as well as performing and recording in my band.

I teach learners from the ages of 6 to 72 and I am proud of the progress they are making with my help.

I am fully DBS checked for the current year we are in, my current certificate is always available for inspection when I visit your home. I have also subscribed to their update service which means you can check my DBS status at any time using their online query system. Just ask me at any time to see or check my certificate, I do not mind.

I will not be beaten on price for guitar lessons anywhere within thirty miles of Hebden Bridge town center so do get in touch with me on my details below: or ring: 01422 846 408

You can also ‘like’ my teaching page on facebook to keep in touch with special offers that I sometimes run from time to time:

Extra services you may be interested in:

Improving your guitar playing when practicing with other musicians in a band situation

Another service I offer which has worked well in the past is helping a young band to play better  together better due to my experience arranging and writing songs in band situations. I have taken a bands repertoire and helped to re-arrange certain sections of songs so that bass lines interacted better and re written parts/hooks to make the bands original songs more interesting. Doing this arrangement service also helped improve the dynamics of each song. This in turn helped the band interact better with their drummer as a musical unit.

I can give as much or as little advice as the band feels is okay to do so so that I’m not treading on any toes/ego’s within the band situation. This arrangement service has enabled younger bands to perform more confidently and has created a better musical experience for the crowds they are playing to.

Please make sure you read my full terms and conditions below

Terms and conditions of private lessons and my cancellations policy:

Please let me be clear that:

The pre-payment of your lesson fee/s via cheque or bank transfer is needed to book out my diary even if you are having a one off lesson. I need to keep a very busy diary of lessons to remain viable as a business. 

All private and group lesson fees are non refundable from the date of purchase and any credit must be used up within three months of payment otherwise your fees will be considered spent. It is in your interest to continue to have lessons regularly as big gaps in-between lessons will harm your progress playing the instrument.

Someone else may take your time/slot if you delay in making a payment for the provisional time/slot you have booked in. All slots/times booked through email or phone are only pencilled in until payment is made.

These terms and conditions have to be followed with no exceptions.

My terms and conditions are then fair and transparent for everyone including myself.

Cancellations policy:

I have a cancellation policy of 48 hours notice, a full lessons fee will be charged if you cancel after this time.

Please think very carefully before making a booking. Once it is pre-paid you will lose that fee if you don’t turn up or cancel less than 48 hours before it is due to take place.

The reason I have this policy in place is because lesson time is booked out of my diary and there are only so many slots per day I can teach students. If another person enquires about that particular time/slot I have to say it is booked out thus losing their business, it is quite similar to how a bed and breakfast works.

I very rarely have to charge late cancellation fees as most students let me know well in advance if they cannot make a day/time.

If I am ill I will reschedule your lesson without charge to a day/time which is suitable for you. I haven’t missed or cancelled any lessons in the last four and a half years (apart from non avoidable illness) of being a self employed teacher so you can rely on me being available to teach you.

If you want to cancel a lesson you should let the tutor know as a common courtesy 48 hours before it is due to take place so I can fill the slot with another paying customer.

Non payment of short notice cancellation charges (less than 48 hours) will result in my offer of tuition ending for that particular student.

Thanks for reading my terms and conditions, I hope to help you with with your guitar playing soon.


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