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Guitar tutor Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areasChris Wood Ba (Hons), PGdip qualified guitar tutor

Hi, my name is Chris Wood, I have taught as a course leader for whole classes of 10 or more students at Bradford College for nine years and in my own business for five years. I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Post-Compulsory Education and Training teaching qualification achieved in 2010. I hold a DBS which enables me to teach in any school or College should you be a head teacher looking for lessons at your school.

I have been studying and playing guitar and bass for the past 18 years.

My originals band Cut Out Shapes were chosen to play alongside Chase & Status (Sony Music) and Love Amongst Ruin (ex Placebo) in 2011, one year after we formed the band. Between summer 2012 to late 2014 we took time off gigging to finish recording our debut album with established producers such as Simon Humphrey ( The Clash, David Byrne), Will Jackson (Kaiser Chiefs, The Cribs, The Music) and Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon) in Chairworks, Soundworks and The Motor Museum Studios respectively.  You can hear the resultant recordings on Spotify. We are now (September 2016) rehearsing a new set of material ready for our latest upcoming gigs.

I have played some of the bigger venues in the North of England such as The Cockpit in Leeds and Sound Control in Manchester. Music I have produced and played guitar on has been played on BBC Radio many times, so hopefully you can tell I can play a bit!

All of the students on my courses are treated fairly and my time is divided equally between however many people are enrolled.

The way lessons are constructed are so that no one feels left out from the group. I use professional quality equipment to record backing tracks for my students. I create these pieces so that you can play along at home practicing what you have attempted in class.

(Every student will need powered speakers to play back the tracks I create at sufficient volume such as a regular hi-fi with an aux option to connect your iPod or MP3 player. I can also burn a cd for a small extra charge if playing mp3’s is a problem for you.)

The first lesson of my course is a ‘getting to know you’ session where we would discuss the best way forward for everyone and what level people are working at so I can plan future lessons accordingly. We will also learn to play something straight away as no one wants to just sit and listen to a tutor bore them without playing anything in their first lesson.

The songs and exercises I choose in class take into account the tastes of the people enrolled on the course after the initial feedback and playing session takes place.

The aim of my courses and private lessons is for you to have fun learning guitar or bass in a friendly, structured, supportive environment. For each new learner to get the most out of my lessons practice at home is essential in between lessons. A commitment to study materials I give out in lesson time is also expected to push your skills forward. This is so you get the best possible results from the tutoring provided.

It is definitely a joint effort between the guitar tutor and student to improve your playing as it takes many hours of practice to become better at playing your instrument as well as many hours preparation time in planning quality lessons from the guitar tutor.

I am more than happy to help you take Rockschool exams or other grades if that is what you want to do. Bear in mind I have developed and refined my own learning guitar curriculum over the past 13 years of teaching that takes people from complete beginners to advanced intermediates that I know works and will make you into a great guitar player with practice and dedication from yourself.

Most of my students now play in their own bands once they leave my tutelage and go on to play their own gigs and cultivate their own fanbases or just enjoy being able to play well as a past time. I don’t believe that a purely academic path is suitable for every guitar player and sometimes it will actually stifle your creativity or make you a player who just jumps through hoops to pass exams. I have played in bands with classically trained musicians who cannot jam to save their life even though they are amazingly proficient on their instruments playing already created pieces. It depends what you want from lessons but the best way is to ring me for an informal chat about your requirements.

I am happy to help you either way though.

I look forward to helping you play the guitar to a high standard and I can guarantee that you will get there if you put the hard work in during my lessons and practicing the course materials at home.

You can contact me via my by clicking on the ‘contact’ form tab on this website.

Feel free to ring my number for a chat about your requirements.


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